Let’s face it, this gum wasn’t the best even when it was… “fresh.”  Pink, powdery, and usually so stale that if you dropped it, the gum would shatter into a million razor sharp shards.  We still loved it though.   My mom came home from Price Club one day with an entire box of Star Wars trading cards.  I ate like a king for weeks.

I have to admit, this gag  was inspired by a tweet sent out by John Kovolic of Dork Towers.  He mentioned a while back he’d just bought some baseball trading cards and swore they were from 1990.  I changed the cards to Robocop for comedic purposes.  Funny side note, I was concerned that Robocop trading cards might not have existed in 1990 so I did research.  Wouldn’t you know, there are Robocop trading cards from 1990 for sale on Ebay right this moment.  Seriously.

Anyway, thanks John.

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