I know there are folk that read my comic strip are loctated all over the world. Some in Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Tasmania, and here in the United States.

Here’s the thing for me…

I’ve been posting my comics on this website for a little over seven years. I’ve been able to do it freely, without having to ask permission or fear that someone will break down my door and arrest me for doing so. The reason I’m able to do this because, the country I live, I am free to do so. That freedom has been protected since the beginning days of this country. Protected by someone in the military. Veterans help make that freedom possible for us. They have fought in wars against those who wish to take that freedom away. And mark my words, if they succeeded in winning those wars, they would indeed take those freedoms away. Even now, veterans are serving to protect that freedom.

We can’t thank them enough

Here in the Untied States, November 11th is set aside to commemorate those who have served and are serving. Those who gave their lives, and those who came back home.

So to commemorate this, I dusted off this strip. I found it interesting that the initial conversation between these two starts off by talking about the election. When this strip first posted back in 2016, we were coming off another crazy election year. Nice to know that noting changed with time.

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