Ran into some technical difficulties last night and by the time I worked them out, it was much too late to get my strip done.  Fear not, all is worked out as of this posting and by Monday, we can continue with our story already in progress.

All is not lost, however.  Fortunately for me, my good friend and fellow cartoonist John Sutton of the world famous Petri Dish gave me a guest strip a while back to use at my discretion.  Well, this is my discretion.  When he gave this to me, he told me he was worried it was too … risque’.  I took a look at it and was immediately shocked and outraged.  “The censors will never go for this,” I yelled.  “My fan base will leave in droves,” I cried.  “Think of the chimps” someone faxed.  I told him to fix it or it would never see the light of day on my site.  So he took it back and added the glasses.

Crisis averted.  Censors be darned.

See you Monday.

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