For those who don’t know, Foo Fighters’ a band. Yep. I hired them out. Got a good deal on them.


Blunder Alert! Blunder Alert!

I made a blunder. A mistake. A clerical error. I realize things got a little out of sequence. Here’s an explanation.

I sat down the night of the 14th to write up the comic for the post on the 15th. I struggled for a while with it and realized, it didn’t work. It, well, stunk. So I quickly set out to write up something different. In the process, I wrote a great little gag about Carl handling the planning and events of Bear Flatts Lodge grand opening. I was pleased, smug almost, at how it came out. So pleased in fact that I began to plan a little sub story arc about Carl’s exploits in the planning process.

Then, for some reason, I happened to look at a comic I posted back on October 3rd and realized, to my horror, that we in fact had already arrived on the day of the grand opening. So Carl couldn’t possibly be planning the event because the event it already in progress. Hmmmm. Well, chalk it up the time travel or something.

That is all.  Tune in next week as the grand opening for Bear Flatts lodge get underway.  You.. are… invited.



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