Well, that’s it. We bring this storyline to a close… finally. This thing started way back in May as a suggestion from my dad and was only supposed to last a few weeks or even a month. I just couldn’t get off this crazy story train. Hope you enjoyed following along as much as I enjoyed reading it.

Now for the bad/good news.

The bad news is I’m taking a break for the entire month of December. After running for 5 years non-stop, I think I’ve earned it. There’s a lot going on this month with my oldest getting married and all, so my creative energy is needed elsewhere right now.

The good news is there will still be posts. I’m going to post reruns of a story arc that will fit in here real nice for the Christmas holiday season. So you can still find humor here Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays, it just might have a bit of mold on it.

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